Chickpeas, more bread.

This weekend was a fairly busy one in the kitchen. I cooked all three nights and all day Sunday and everything - with one exception - turned out well.

On Friday I tried a recipe from Serious Eats' Dinner Tonight series - Lemony Chickpea Stir-Fry, which doesn't really resemble a stir fry at all. Regardless, it had some of my favourite foods - chickpeas, roasted red peppers - and was a chance to try something new. I really liked the idea of cooking the chickpeas until they were golden and crispy; Culina serves fried chickpeas and they're amazing.

I think I made a few mistakes. I should have chopped the kale into smaller pieces. I probably should have cooked the chickpeas on lower heat; I found mine were charring more than they were slowly changing colour - the smoke detector agreed. Good news - our alarm company doesn't wait long to call when something is burning. Despite those two problems, I still really enjoyed this dish. It was filling, light, fun to make and for someone with a bit more experience, probably quick and easy. It was a very lemony meal, and was missing a little something, though I'm not sure what. Maybe some garlic or more peppers? Perhaps just a little more salt and pepper? I'm going to try again soon.

I also baked a loaf of no knead bread Friday night. I had prepared the dough Thursday, so it raised for close to a full twenty four hours. This was my second time baking bread. The first loaf looked like this:

Encouraged by how that loaf turned out - it was delicious! - I decided to play with the recipe a little bit. I used two cups whole wheat flour and one cup white, rather than all white. I also mixed in quarter of a cup or so of ground flax and dusted the loaf with corn meal instead of wheat germ. It looked like this:

I think the second loaf looked a little cooler, but both were delicious. I think splitting the flour 50/50 might be the sweet spot. I'm interested in mixing in some raisins to see how that would turn out.

I'll post more tomorrow about the rest of the weekend.


Kevin Kossowan said...

Great looking loaves!!

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